Plan S – Open Access Transition: IPA call for more haste and less speed

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The International Publishers Association notes the renewed impetus by Coalition S to achieve the European Union’s target of open access to publicly funded research by 2020. The IPA urges the EU to carefully consider the potential international impact of such a shift in Europe and ensure that academics’ freedom to publish is not affected.

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Publishers at WIPO seminars at Lima Book Fair and in Kuala Lumpur

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Over the summer WIPO held seminars in Peru and Malysia. IPA helped ensure publishers were present to discuss ‘Managing Copyright in the Publishing Industry in the Digital Age’ and the ‘Marrakesh Treaty’.

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European Copyright Vote Looms

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Since the European Parliament rejected the draft report on the EU Copyright Directive in July, there have been numerous reports about the contentious lobbying tactics used by opponents of copyright ahead of the vote. With a new vote on an amended text due in Strasbourg on 12 September, what can we expect?

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Digital campaigning stalls EU Copyright Directive– world copyright round-up

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From mass campaigning in the EU to open consultations in Australia, South Africa and Thailand, as well as the ongoing review in Canada, copyright debates continue to rage around the world. Read more.

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European Copyright Directive inches towards adoption

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Things are heating up in the discussions on the EU Copyright Directive. Ahead of a recent committee vote in the European Parliament there were trucks with billboards and elected officials receiving tens of thousands of emails in 24 hours, and death threats!

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