Title Published Date
Michael Fraser: powerful social forces are attacking copyright 26 May 2016
New European Commissioners - Has Europe left culture behind? 03 October 2019
New IPA report on electronic legal deposit 15 August 2014
On importance of the protection of local creators and publishers 30 September 2015
Plan S – Open Access Transition: IPA call for more speed and less haste 12 September 2018
pre-2010 01 January 2009
Providing Equal Access for Readers with Disabilities 11 March 2011
Publishers Around the World Rise to COVID-19 Pandemic Challenge 30 March 2020
Publishers at WIPO seminars at Lima Book Fair and in Kuala Lumpur 30 August 2018
Publishers Join UN Initiative to Create a Global Library for the Blind 14 October 2011
Publishers Strike Major Blow against Internat Piracy 15 February 2012
Publishing delegation attends WIPO Copyright Committee 05 June 2018
Publishing piracy increased in second half of 2017 29 March 2018
Renegotiating the NAFTA agreement 30 November 2017
Sänger confirmed as new IPA Copyright Committee Chair 15 May 2019
SCCR 38 – Exceptions and Limitations 30 April 2019
Setzer speaks at German Publishers GA 01 July 2019
South African Copyright Bill Sent Back to Parliament 30 June 2020
Standing up for copyright: creative sector calls for balanced approach to rights and exceptions 09 May 2014
Structural infringers: how to protect copyright without stifling innovation 30 June 2016

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