Title Published Date
European Commission VP delivers Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 30 April 2018
European Copyright Directive inches towards adoption 29 June 2018
European Copyright Discussions Stall 31 January 2019
European Copyright Vote Looms 31 August 2018
European Publishers React to EU’s Adoption of the Copyright Directive 01 April 2019
European Publishers Welcome EU Copyright Directive Progress 01 March 2019
Fair’s fair – or is it? Paul Goldstein on the rise and rise of fair use exceptions 22 March 2016
Fighting online IP crime 28 August 2014
Full schedule of IPA Frankfurt Book Fair meetings and events 04 October 2019
Google’s making of a digital copy to provide a search function is a ‘transformative use’ of the content, Judge Leval said 24 November 2015
How to fight piracy locally and globally; some ideas from the Global Copyright Enforcement Forum 23 October 2017
In Germany and the US, file hosting services succesfully pursued for copyright infringement 10 February 2014
Indian publishers to appeal Delhi High Court copyright judgement 13 October 2016
Intellectual Property and international cooperation: Past, present, future 10 July 2020
IPA at London Book Fair 2020 - cancelled 23 January 2020
IPA at WIPO regional seminar, Nairobi 03 July 2019
IPA bringing common sense to traditional knowledge debate at WIPO 28 February 2017
IPA considering implications of Singaporean copyright review 31 August 2016
IPA Continues Work Towards Access for Disabled Readers 01 March 2011
IPA Copyright Symposium Strengthens Publishers Resolve on Copyright 04 March 2010

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